Oceanwave Pools specializes in Hayward Pool Products. A highly reputable company, Hayward manufacturers some of the leading technology in pool automation and controls. Oceanwave prides itself on keeping our services at the cutting edge of swimming pool technology allowing our customers the option for the best products on the market. Using Prologic and AquaRite control panels, swimming pool owners can enjoy complete automation. ProLogic control panels have the capabilities to control your complete pool and backyard. From pool and landscape lighting, freeze protections, solar heating, wireless remotes, to heat controls, nearly every part of the pool can be at the touch of a few simple buttons.

Wireless waterproof remotes allow access to jet pumps, pool lights and heat settings, from in the pool or hot tub, or on the back patio. This eliminates having to go into the pool house to change your pool settings. The convenience of poolside, inside, or outside remote functions gives the homeowner complete control of their pool.

Water chemistry can be the hardest part of pool ownership. Although, with Hayward’s Sense and Dispense automation, chlorine and PH levels are continuously self monitored while only dispensing what the water requires. This allows the most consistent water quality possible, avoiding harmful highs and lows. With only minutes a week in maintenance, incredibly clear and soft water is highly achievable.

Perhaps the most convenient option for our Hayward Automated pools is the Aqua Connect Remote Pool Management System. For both the homeowner and Oceanwave Pools, this internet based monitoring system gives the ability to service and manage your pool anywhere in the world, providing an internet connection. For example, as a homeowner, leaving the pool unattended for a weekend or week of vacation leaves you hoping that you do not return to an unbalanced, slimy or even unheated pool. Through Aqua Connect, both the homeowner and Oceanwave Pools can have set email alerts, barring any variation in settings. All of which can be corrected through your Smart phone or computer, immediately giving you savings of time and money.