In-floor cleaning and circulations systems are a highly convenient time and energy saving option for every new pool. Installed by Oceanwave Pools, Vanquish cleaning systems by Paramount Pool and Spa Systems are a state of the art cleaning and circulation possibility. Test have proven that conventional pools will consume up to 50% more chemicals and 30% more heat than those with Vanquish systems. Dramatically lowering maintenance time and costs, cleaning systems maximize water turn over and heating abilities. The direct result being homeowner satisfaction over the lifetime or your pool. Another highly appreciated feature of Paramount cleaning system is the MDX debris removal system. It allows large debris to pass through the main drain to a deck level container for easy disposal. The MDX main drain system is designed to exceed all anti-entrapment guidelines world wide, giving homeowners peace mind during each swimming session. The cleaning heads come in numerous different colours, and are strategically placed throughout the floor maximizing result while being virtually invisible.