Existing brick coping was removed and replaced with rock salt slate coping. Also dual anti-intrapment main drains were installed.

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An old existing hot tub was replaced, sunk 18” into the deck in a concrete canister, then later received a matching coping to the pool at a convenient step and bench height. Also a broken pipe beneath the deck was replaced at the corner of the pool. The new piece of deck nicely accentuates the hot tub, while matching the existing decks.



Some pool and spa remodelling possibilities:

  • Removal of existing concrete or delaminating stairs and installation modern fiberglass stairs
  • Removal of zonolite pool bottoms, replacing with concrete
  • Removing aluminium or brick copings, replacing with concrete cantilever coping
  • Hot tub and spa concrete canisters and copings
  • Hot tub and spa upgrades
  • Vinyl liner replacements
  • Energy efficient equipment upgrades
  • Complete automation
  • Chlorine to salt water conversions
  • Wireless monitoring
  • Halogen white light replacement with coloured low voltage LED pool and spa lights
  • Ladder, slide and diving board upgrades
  • Anti-intrapment main drain installations
  • Winter safety cover installation

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