Salt WaterFor water thats always clean, clear, and luxuriously soft, nothing compares to salt water chlorination. Through the use of salt water and electrolysis, a chlorine residual is produced creating odorless and tasteless sanitation. Chlorinating through salt water allows you to forget virtually all mixing, measuring, and buying of harsh liquid or powdered chlorine. Friends and family swimming will never complain about bleached bathing suits, red, itchy eyes, and heavy chemical odors. Salt chlorination is easier, safer and more economical way to completely satisfy your pool and hot tub sanitation needs.

Oceanwave Pools has gone one step further to prolong the longevity of your pool equipment with the element of salt water and electrolysis. Through the use of anodes, current collectors and the bonding and grounding of your pumps, heaters, and equipment, we strive to make your investments last as long as possible.