Pool Winter Safety CoverFor homeowners who choose to cover their swimming pools in the off season, winter safety covers are a great option. Avoiding all water bags, and tarping our covers come in a different colors and have a streamline look which look great in every backyard. With the weight capacity of a small car these safety covers are strong, durable and long lasting. These Performance Safety Covers have a permeable mesh membrane which allows all rain water to drain through the cover, but stopping all leaves, needles and debris from falling in the pool. This directly saves time and money whenPool Winter Safety Cover spring come around and you pool is opened for spring. Leaves and debris cause your pool to turn green over the fall and winter. Our covers will save money in the spring on chemicals and balancing, as much less will be needed. Along with blocking all debris and sunlight, safety covers prevent accidental intrusion by children, pets and all other unsuspected or wanted visitors. Custom made for every pool shape and size, your swimming pool can stay safe, clean and clearly outlined throughout the off swimming season.